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Budget Billing

Our BUDGET BILLING plan allows you to better manage and plan for winter heating costs by spreading those costs evenly over 11 monthly payments. Greco Propane will analyze last year’s usage and arrive at a budget amount for this heating season. Please keep in mind that this is an estimate and significant changes to consumption or fuel prices can impact your total propane fuel spending. This plan does not lock-in or cap your price per gallon.

You can enroll in our BUDGET BILLING plan by completing our Enrollment Form or by contacting our customer service group using the contact information listed below. You must enroll by June 15th and any account balance must be paid in full.

Payment Options

You may pay your budget payment in 4 ways:

  • With AUTOCC or AUTOACH, Greco Propane will initiate payment of your budget amount through our PCIDSS compliant servers using your credit card or bank account numbers. You may also access and pay online through our ONLINE BILL PAY portal. Of course you may also mail payment to us in the form of a personal check or pay the driver at the time of delivery.